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We can provide Internet sales planning and software distribution platform for foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market.

It is so simple to quickly open online business and online business for 1.4 billion people in mainland China.

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Our services

Micronet mall system, products and team started in Shenzhen in 2013, and continues to focus on providing e-commerce software and related value-added service products for SMEs. Is a professional e-commerce system development provider in mainland China!

Customized development of e-commerce software

Mature technology for enterprises to tailor-made development of online trading platform, all kinds of e-commerce software, we can according to customer needs and business model redesign system.

High end e-commerce agent operation

High pressure, high concurrency activities and applications need professional, efficient and experienced operation and maintenance team, so that activities will not die, servers will never be down, and losses will be avoided!

Internet e-commerce brand planning

If you want to carry out Internet business, you need to have an eye-catching, high-rise brand as the foundation, and accurately convey the brand value.

Network marketing solution

Provide suggestions for the enterprise's online business, through soft text, SEO, guangdiantong, APP distribution, video, live broadcast, e-mail and other means to promote marketing, reduce the cost of customer expansion and improve efficiency.

Our products

Ten systems of multi network and multi-mode will help you to win in your e-commerce trip!


Micronet is a self built station platform that integrates SAAS and independent production deployment after 10 years of construction. It generates multi network and multi-mode mall system online in one minute.

Who are we

Micronet is an e-commerce system that can open e-shopping mall online. It can not only open online shopping mall, but also generate shopping mall system, which is deployed on its own server. It is a self built station platform.

What can we do

It is specially designed for mature e-commerce and micro business enterprises to develop online trading platform and create new business model.

Why choose us

We have a strong technical team, successful operation and maintenance experience, mature mall system, annual sales of more than 300 million customer success stories!


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Success stories

After 14 years of precipitation, it has accumulated more than 100000 + users' high praise. The following are some successful cases

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